Sunday, September 15, 2013

Antarctica work is at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC (actually Arlington, VA) Will give a talk there this Friday.

Three and one half years after returning from the ice my work has been installed on the third floor of the National Science Foundation, headquarters just outside of DC. It is all there from the watercolors and books done on site to the big 10 part drawing Ninety-Degree Draft. It will be there until December at which point some of the work will come back to NYC for a more local show.
Ninety-Degree Draft being installed....
and up....All 31.5 x 41", gouache, color pencil on paper.

The outer drawings were done on site--inventorying significant objects from Lake Hoare Field Camp with the camp landscape and NSF issued clothing etc. on the landscape at McMurdo Station. The center piece is a text drawing for Ninety-Degree Draft.  All 31.5 x 41", gouache, color pencil on paper.

Small oil paintings on wood panels