Sunday, March 29, 2015

Exhibition opens at Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca College

My exhibition Taxing Times opened at the Handwerker Gallery, at Ithaca College on March 17. I was there last week to give a talk. The link that holds all the work together is the fact that all the work has relationship to tax paying. There are drawings from the earlier Tax-–onomies series. where I made drawings documenting how tax money is spent. There is also the Antarctica work, where the expedition was paid for by tax dollars through the National Science Foundation’s Antarctica Artist and Writer’s Program.

In addition there is one new work made especially for the exhibition. Missing or Sold was made in response to a request from gallery director Mara Baldwin to document the college’s missing work.  In October, during Ithaca College’s  parent weekend, gallery attendees were handed a registrar's folder that contained a description and sometimes a photo of a piece of art that went missing or was sold from the college's collection (in the 80's ) when the college art museum was sold. The parents, siblings, students, and faculty then made a color pencil drawing on. 4 x 6" card. I redrew all of the 300 drawings on a ghost image of the sold museum building (Boardman House.) the gallery director then made a poster from my drawing so the collection lives on.