Friday, August 5, 2011

FINALLY --the finished Ninety-Degree Draft

Finally---- finished and documented.....
Elise Engler  gouache, color pencil on paper
Ninety-Degree Draft   2009-2011  gouache, color pencil on paper, 10 drawings- each 30 x 42"

Ninety-Degree Draft
gouache, color pencil on paper
10 drawings each 30 x 42"
The entire journey to Antarctica--from the beginning application process to a rendering of this completed drawing at the end. Hundreds of images and text are drawn on ten painted maps of the Antarctic continent. There are portraits of those who contributed references for the National Science Foundation Antarctica Artists and Writers Program application as well as the scientists and personnel on the ice. All the art made on location- at the Lake Hoare Field Camp in the Dry Valleys,
at the penguin colonies at Cape Royds and Cape Crozier at the South Pole and and at the main U.S. research base, McMurdo Station is included as are landscapes of all of the above. Interiors of camps, helicopter views and wildlife seen are documented in this drawn timeline of the two months on "the Ice" along with the time preparing for the trip. Green arrows provide the direction for your eyes to follow.

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