Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Artist's Book-- Ninety-Degree Draft: Art Amidst Science in Antarctica

Today is the day I am launching my new project to raise funds for an edition of the artist's book Ninety-Degree Draft: Art Amidst Science in Antarctica. I am doing it through USA Projects. You can see a video  and find out the benefits of contributing at this site.

I am working with Dutch photographer Reinier Gerritsen to produce editions of this book of drawings and text--the entire drawing Ninety-Degree Draft will be included as well as images of drawings/paintings done on-site and upon return from Antarctica as well as additional text.

Here is the site........

a detail from Ninety-Degree Draft# 7 showing scientists and assistants tagging Adelie Penguins Cape Crozier, Antarctica

I will keep you posted on the progress!

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