Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Cloister at the Cathedral at Monreale and Palermo

The Cloister at Monreale

Capitals/Columns--Cloister at Monreale--all different

Amazing carvings

More carving --Montreale capitals

and more


Puppet Museum--Palermo

Puppet Museum--Palermo--Sicilian puppets

The Collection

Santa Maria della Catena-Palermo

Chiesa di San Cataldo 

Palermo fountain by moonlight
Went back to Monreale--having missed the magnificent cloister....perfect square--228 columns, biblical, mythological, flora and fauna capital carvings.
From here--back to Palermo, exploring the Palazzo CArbitelles ( 4 beautiful Antonio DaMessina paintings among other mainly Sicilian art/ artifacts. Also the puppet museum- a private museum gone public.

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