Friday, January 15, 2010

at Lake Hoare and back to Goldman Ponds

Yesterday was spent close to  camp, finishing the window view drawing project. I ended up drawing 25 windows here and one from  Cape Royds.

                                            Canada Glacier at Lake Hoare Field Camp

Today I returned to the Goldman Ponds with Luigi so he could take his last samples from the Dry Valleys. These ponds are located almost directly across the valley on the north side and up the mountain from Lake Hoare--a quick helicopter trip away. I did 2 small watercolors there--but my feet and then the watercolors on my palette were literally freezing so I quit and Luigi and took a walk to the other ponds. These are pictured below.

After doing several larger watercolor/gouache drawings and the book I have decided to continue small--tearing the 30 x 42" paper into 60  4 x 6 " so I can work fast and catch the infinite number of amazing views here.

                         Antarctic Windows Project 25-- 4.5  x 3.5" drawings in an accordion book
                                                Goldman Ponds area

This evening Lake Hoare Camp is full. There are four carpenters, here to remove the polar haven--(a structure in the middle of the lake for researching a large drilled hole into the water.)  Five members of the "stream team" (stream researchers) are here too--they come on the weekends to catch up on email, take the Sunday shower and do other work. Rae cooked up a huge pan of enchiladas and there were freshies--salad!!! a rarity out here.

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  1. Hi Elise,
    A long ago friend- Sharon from CSW. Thought to look for you and there you are in Antartica- wow! Will follow your tales. I am in NYC too so maybe see you someday when you return.