Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Day at Lake Hoare and Goldman Pond

Just to remind me that I am In Antarctica--it did get rather cold the night before last and when I woke up my towel was frozen stiff, my sleeping bag was icy and there was snow covering my tent. Yesterday was cold all day and I didn't go out much. The surface snow melts very quickly here because the sun is strong and the air is so dry. Drew inside-out a bunch of windows. Also photographed significant objects for later work. You adjust to the weather--but if you spend time not moving (as when I am painting) I sometimes realize that my hands or toes are quite frozen.

Today I went with Italian biologist Luigi Michaud to the nearby Goldman Pond--but we went by helicopter because he had heavy water samples to carry back--just a 10 minute helo trip. In the picture here he is wearing hip-waders....He has to go into the very cold pond to get his samples.

You can see I worked small because I knew we weren't going to be there very long. I did quite a bit today- 5 or 6 pieces of different sizes--drawings and watercolors and gouache.

And this evening I baked a chocolate cake in the very well-equipped Lake Hoare Kitchen. There is a great cooler here--outside!


  1. MS.Engler, do you like Antarctica?


    FROM: Claudette 403



  3. What does it feel like in an igloo and how does it feel to hold a penguin?

    Andy Class 403

  4. Would you be so kind to take a picture of a baby penguin and make more penguin drawings please?

    Marisol Class 403

  5. Hi Ms. Engler. What types of penguins are in Antarctica?


    Class 403

  6. Hi Ms Engler. I hope you having a GOOD time in Antarctica. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Justin 403

  7. That looks like a good cake except for the chocolate part. P.S. I hate chocolate. I hope you have a nice time and I'm probably the only one that did not ask you to bring back a penguin. Ha ha ha.

    by Ian Class 403

  8. My name is Andy S. I am in Class 403. Are you going to bring back a penguin? P.S. I like the photo of the cake you baked and I love chocolate. Could you bake me one? Are you having fun out there? Are you freezing out there? When are you going to come back?

  9. The ice just looks so cold!

    Class 403

  10. How are you Ms Engler? Is there a hot beach in ANTARCTICA? I love your pictures. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From: Venemile
    Class: 403

  11. Hi Ms. Engler,

    How R U? I am fine. It's cold all over the USA...well down south & up in the Northeast, for sure. My sister & her family took their annual go-to-Florida vacation in early January (now)& discovered it is quite cold there. But, not, of course, as cold as the cold you just described in your blog entry. Hang in there, you're on a REAL adventure...how long is your residency?
    Your Pal,

  12. to all in class 403 and 404 and others--

    I am now at a place where there are no penguins because I am inland so I can't draw any more penguins now. I didn't hold one because you are not allowed to hold them. The Antarctic Conservation Act protects the penguins and other animals here from human contact. The only people allowed to hold penguins are scientists with special permits from the government. Here there are 2 kinds of penguins--the Emperor Penguins and the Adelie Penguins--I have only seen the Adelie--the Emperors have gone away--not sure where at this time. You see them where there is open water--so even at the big research station "town" there are rarely penguins to be seen. I saw them at Cape Royds where there is a penguin rookery--or area where they come back year after year to lay their eggs. They inhabit the same little rock nests (built with their beaks--carrying stones) year after year. I didn't see them lay eggs but I did see the new chicks once they had hatched. There are other kinds of penguins in the other parts of Antarctica--particularly on the Antarctic Peninsula.

    I am having a fabulous time--it is amazing here....landscapes, people, learning about so many things I didn't know about.

    Most of the time it is warmer here than in NY--but I do sleep in a tent--so that is quite different. You do get used to the temperature...I only wear my big coat when I am sitting, not moving, drawing and painting.