Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I have been doing at Lake Hoare

The days seem to alternate between staying around camp and going on excursions with Luigi Michaud. He needs to sample ponds and the rules here bar him from going alone--so I accompany him on these helicopter trips. This gives me new landscapes to paint. It works to both of our advantages. Tomorrow we are off to 3 different locations-with 2 hours at each stop and a helicopter ferrying us in between.

At the "camp" I have been working on a range of projects--one large gouache (30 x 44") of the overview here, 2 other camp views 22 x 30" --gouache and watercolors and then the window project that I will show here. The big landscapes will most likely become part of something else---I have been interviewing field camp manager Rae Spain on the significant objects here, and think I will draw them on top of  one of the landscapes--we shall see.

I also have been drawing the view out every window at Lake Hoare camp  (I drew one at Cape Royds --but got the every window view idea here.) They are gouache and colored pencil on an accordion book purchased in China years ago.


  1. Hi Elise!
    Your adventures in Alaska sound amazing. What an experience! I am in the computer lab with my class. I showed some of the kids your photos and art work. They said that it maust be real cold.
    Have fun and thanks for sharing your Alaskan journey with P.S. 165!
    Diana Rosado

  2. What kind of things do you still hope to investigate? Are you going to draw some more of the samples of water that the scientists collect? Did the scientists find anything special in the water?


  3. Thanks for the comments-- Diana, thank you for sharing my site with your kids but one little correction I am all the way in the other direction--in Antarctica, not Alaska!
    Jessica, they have to filter the water and then sometimes add something to the water and let it grow or change--then they look at it in a lab much later--often after they leave Antarctica--they are looking at tiny things --microbes--too small to see without using a microscope.

  4. Elise, your paintings are amazing, you are certainly keeping busy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. What if that helicopter doesn't come back and pick you up ? Well I suppose you don't think about that...