Sunday, December 13, 2009

Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand

Leaving NYC photo by Jim Whitaker

Arrived this afternoon, from the 7-hour flight from NY to LA, the 15-hour flight from LA to Sydney and finally just made the 3-hour flight from Sydney to Christchurch. My luggage however seems to be in Sydney still. They say it will arrive tonight. I HOPE!
The scenery flying over New Zealand was spectacular—Alp-like snow covered mountains. I think they are close to 18,000 feet.
I am pretty disoriented—slept five hours or so on the plane. I keep thinking I am on a ship—the ground is rocking below me—I think that is just the effect of crossing so many time zones—it is Monday 6:20 PM here now----12:20 AM east coast time. My goal is to stay up till 10PM.
It is POURING with rain—I am sitting in the local public library taking advantage of the WIFI—a block or so from my very nice room at the Y (complete with a little balcony too wet to sit on.)
Tomorrow I go get my ECW (Extreme Cold Wear) at the US Antarctic Services and Wednesday is the planned day to fly out.
More soon.

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