Saturday, December 26, 2009

Penguins and
Posted is a link to  a video of Adelie Penguins about to dive into the Ross Sea. They await a message from a swimming penguin that the sea is clear of predators and that it safe to go in. This video has an unexpected moment for viewers and penguins alike--so stick it out to the bitter end. I was at the edge of the ice sheet where the sea opens up. The penguins come here for food for their newly hatched chicks as seen in the pictures above.

On a more serious note--I spent the last few days with marine ecologist and penguin expert Dr. David Ainley. He and colleagues are spearheading a campaign regarding the Chilean Sea Bass. This fish, is,  for the most part now, the Antarctic Toothfish--renamed for the American palette. It is an essential part of the Ross Sea ecosystem. If commercial fishing continues to be allowed this fish is in danger of being extinct in less than ten years--and thus will put the Ross Sea and much of the Antarctic ecosystem in danger. Don't eat this fish and don't patronize restaurants that serve this fish.  Check out this site

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  1. Wow! I had no idea, I will never eat Chilean Sea Bass again! Thanks for the information! You seem to be having some amazing adventures, I'm excited about your every entry! Thanks for sharing!