Friday, December 25, 2009

A preview of Shackleton's Nimrod Hut, Cape Royds

I spent a long time in the hut yesterday, (with scientist David Ainley accompanying me as per site rules) photographing everything!! And videoing it too. They had so many kinds of canned meats--from tripe and onions to Irish Stew, something called calavances,  jars and jars of salt, biscuits, and much more to be described later.


  1. Elise, how does the Nimrod hut fit in with Shakelton's whole story ?
    Seeing into his place is chilling.
    I've always been obsessed with his survival story.

  2. Dear Ms. Engler,

    Its Samantha from class 506 and I looked at your pictures and you look like your having fun.I bet it's really cold there even though its summer.I've always thought that you'd have to wear like 10 sweaters and 8 coats and nine pairs of socks.But looking at your pictures it looks like you only have to wear a few layers of each piece of clothing.You made
    great pictures of your trip.If I hadn't looked at all the entries you wrote, the pictures could have spoken for me. Anyway,have a safe trip there and have fun.