Monday, December 21, 2009

Tomorrow --Cape Royds!!!!

Tomorrow I catch an 8:15 helicopter for Cape Royds--weather permitting. There has been low cloud cover and snow here for a couple of days but today I did see helicopters heading out.

I'll see Shackleton's Hut and a penguin rookery!! I should be there until the 27th.

First helicopter trip for me.

 Xmas with the penguins!!!!!

Merry and Happy.


  1. You are a true adventurer! Keep us posted!

    Peter Kendzor

  2. Hi Ms. Engler,

    We researched the camp on the internet. We have some questions if you have a moment to respond to them.

    Is it true that it is light for 6 months or a half a year and dark for 6 months or a half a year also?

    Frank, Kishina, and Julian

    How do you feel today?
    How cold is it?
    How do you think the penguins will react when they see you?
    Why do they let only 40 people come at a time to Camp Royds?
    What exactly will you do when you make it to the camp?
    How can you sleep at night when it is so light?

    Jackie, Anela,
    Galilea, and Veronica

    Peter Kendzor and Evangeline Avlonitis

    We miss you!!!