Monday, December 14, 2009

Luggage located

Unusually cold and rainy here in Christchurch for a summer day. Found an okay dinner and a lovely little pub with a pretty good one-man-band last night--had a beer to help me get on NZ time-not bad-- slept from 11 till 6AM--hoping to wake up to my luggage waiting downstairs. But no. Anxiety. And no word.

Well it seems as though I crossed paths with my luggage this morning. It was delivered to my Y while I am here at the Antarctica Polar Services offices right across from the airport.

I am not supposed to be here till 1PM so back I go to town relieved at least that all that special long underwear I assembled is going with me tomorrow and I won't have to be like the polar explorers of the last century who didn't change their clothes for years at a time.

I come back here this afternoon to get my gear, get oriented, watch videos and then have to be back tomorrow at.......6AM.


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